Our pocket Board

Now I saw this on Carisa’s site (1+1+1=1). I was almost in envy about this. No idea if we could even get it here in South Africa but I will probably have to save up anyway!
It is available on Amazon!

Here is my attempt at this amazing product.

I had no idea of the measurements or anything so I made sure each pocket can take the size of a 1/2 A4 sheet of paper. This is not a tabletop version but fits nicely onto the stand alone kiddies blackboard
I used felt and a plastic sheet I had at home that used to cover a bed for protection. I then decided it would be too difficult to¬† glue it to the board so I added an extra piece at the back and made kind of a “slip” – I slid a board in there and now it is sturdy and I can change the board.

Only problem I had was that the biggest piece of felt I had that was necessary was white…so on the reverse we have a white felt board for stories or something!

This will do quite nicely until I can save up for the real thing!

Thanks for reading

God Bless

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3 Responses to Our pocket Board

  1. Trudie says:

    Looks great! Turned out awesome!

  2. oo it turned out great!! WTG!

  3. Joyful Mama says:

    Good idea! We also love felt around here (pop on over to my blog to see!) and I think those pockets need to find a spot in our house, too!

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