The SuperHero cape

Elijah has become fascinated with SuperHeroes lately. We don’t have TV and he gets very little exposure to this kind of thing But it does happen.

There is a great Hillsong Kids song about”Jesus is my superHero…my best friend”. Elijah loves it, we play it in the car a lot too!
I decided to make him a cape. I want to have a box full of dress up clothes for the kids…

I have never sewn anything like this and never done appliqué? work before either…

A few mistakes I will mention I made:
* I used a rectangle piece of cotton…the material is fine, but the shape would have been better if I had round the top a bit.
* Now the E is sewn on using red cotton instead of blue…It should have been blue and would have been if it wasn’t late at night and I wanted to get done. Too lazy to go find the proper cotton.

Elijah likes it and I guess that is what is important, but I will make another one sometime with a few changes.

God Bless

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  1. It turned out so cute! I have just started sewing lately.. I might have to add this idea to my ever expanding list of projects!

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