Sewing and me

I have a great passion to be talented in this area…unfortunately I don’t have any real talent!

I consider myself almost a total beginner. I have failed so many times at projects – mainly because I hardly ever take on projects I can actually accomplish well enough for my perfectionist personality!

This doesn’t stop me in the least. I have an overlocker as well as a normal 37 function or something Janome Machine. I think they are brilliant machines, but I just haven’t unlocked the potential of either!

Before my son was born I tried my hand at some maternity clothes…i didn’t find the pants all that complicated from the Buttericks patterns I tried and I actually wore them out the house…but the shirts are another total story! Sleeves are my worst nightmare ever! I have half finished and some totally destroyed garments that never even made it to the wash! All in a pile or bag somewhere.

Well I am steering away from clothing right now and just trying to do things that catch my imagination, or something that I just can’t seem to help starting up…

Have a look for the latest projects listed here!

God’s richest blessings over your family as well as over your talents (or non-talents in my case!)

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  1. You should try some easy projects geared towards the kids.. they will love them imperfect and all.. then it doesn’t feel so bad if they aren’t perfect.. or atleast thats what works for me!

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