Our stArt Project – Jonah

Who did. who did. who did. who did swallow Jo Jo Jo Jonah…

Have you ever found a project and then decided on the story? Well it happens often. This week we had a fisherman theme. We read Swimmy by Leo Lionni, A Million fish…More or Less by P.C. McKissack. Jonah and the whale, Things People Do – Fishermen – Usborne

My daughter got given a book for her Dedication called The Make a Do Bible – It has stories and then the crafts that go with it

It has some really awesome crafts – mainly for older kids so it did need some preparation work from my side.  Watch the whale swallow Jonah :

Not sure why all his  fish had to face the same way but ok. He enjoyed it. It didn’t quite work out though because there is a weight at the bottom that is supposed to swing the whale but it wouldn’t work…My cardboard was probably not heavy enough i think.

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4 Responses to Our stArt Project – Jonah

  1. Wonder Mom says:

    AHHHHH- watch out Jonah!

    What a fun way to re-“tale” the story! Love it!

  2. Janelle says:

    Great visual for the Bible story!

  3. Michelle says:

    I love that song, and I NEED that book!!! I totally know what you mean about doing a project and finding a good book to go with it :0)

    I am so glad you were able to link up to stART this week I really enjoyed your project and can’t wait to check out The Make and do Bible!

  4. Natalie says:

    It looks like a very interesting (and involved) project. It’s great that your daughter could participate in it. Too funny about all the fish facing the same way.

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