A blog resurrection!

I cannot believe how long ago I posted to this blog!
So much has been happening in my life. I suppose it is typical of any person to go through life and experience seasons.

How would I sum up over two years of life?
We still Homeschool. We are still extremely happy with this choice. We still use an eclectic style of schooling. I will compile a full post of our choices and experiences regarding curriculum soon.
In 2016 I started quite a few new projects. I participated in a crochet-a-long and completed my first (only) blanket!
My sewing has really taken off as well. I upgraded my sewing machine in January 2017 to a Singer Quantum Stylist 9960. I have had many hours sewing on this wonderful machine.
There are not many sewing projects that I am scared of attempting. I am currently busy sewing my family’s winter clothing. I have sewn many bags and even attempted a few toys as well.
I have many favourite pattern sites that I highly recommend with regards to difficulty and fitting. I use Pattern for PiratesJalie, New Horizon Designs, Stitch upon a time, and many more.

Aside from sewing and school I have also started to learn the keyboard. A life long dream and I am very happy with the smartphone App SimplyPiano. I think it is time for me to start the next level and actually go for lessons, but I am little intimidated at the moment.

September 2017 brought a very interesting change in my life. I saw a video clip of a Korean drama with subtitles that I thought looked really interesting. After watching all 16 episodes in a back to back marathon, I realised I really liked the sound of the language.  This brought me to searching for other shows to watch and started a wonderful journey of learning the language, listening to the very different styles of Korean music, cooking magical flavours of Korean food, and recently meeting Korean language partners online to help with my language journey. I have been using Memrise on my phone to learn. It is a great app to use. KoreanfromZero was my next step. It is not a phone-app, but teaches more of grammar rules rather than vocabulary. This has been slow going.
I have since met my language partner, who has provided me with other material that we use and use video-chat to help me. While most of the time I feel like I am stumbling around, this is still the beginning and I am keeping up the motivation to continue learning.

The garden continues to grow, unfortunately it is not as easy as the first year as the birds have discovered it to be a wonderful feeding ground. I am in the process of planning and  attempting to build a structure that will be covered in a bird netting to prevent this from continuing.

I think that is a wrap for now!

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