A small garden success

Before winter I decided I wanted to start our first garden. We prepared the ‘patch’, we researched Farming God’s way, read Jane’s Delicious Garden, were given seeds to start and after mulching and composting, August arrived and planting began. I planted carrots, radishes, peas, lettuces, peppers and mustard to begin. Added tomatoes, beans and marrows. We were surprised with sunflowers in the middle of the garden (my daughter dropped the seeds she was holding onto before we managed to plant them.)
I also planted a pumpkin (I think it is anyway) that has just started growing…it’s taken forever!
We were also surprised with a gem squash and watermelon we didn’t plant!
Both are given a lovely crop! I never did manage to get lettuce or peppers to grow 🙁
Because of drought conditions and heat I have had really bad seedling conditions and nothing new is growing except beans.

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