New Skills

2015 Arrived and school took up most my hours.
My breaks as usual were spent planning and printing. With the pending arrival of the mid year holidays, I made myself a promise. I would spend less time on school planning and use the time to learn something new.

After watching endless Masterchef episodes, I decided there were two things I wanted to learn to do well. The first was steak. Using Gordon Ramsey’s instructions i managed quite well on our first try using a few Rib Eye steaks. I also made a Sherry Mushroom sauce that was scrumptious.
The second thing I wanted to learn to make was something I had only ever heard about on Masterchef…Panna Cotta! What a very easy dish to make! My family enjoyed it very much and it has been requested a few times since then.

20150909_182828 20150909_185520

Two other quite significant skills I have started learning this year is Crochet and Sewing. Although I have had sewing machines for quite sometime I just did very basic things and my mom has helped me pick up a few things along the road. But this year I have been quite serious about learning and with the help of a good friend and YouTube I have been successful.

I do realise I am in danger as being known as the bag lady! I really enjoying making them although I find it difficult to give them away as my daughter keeps claiming them.

Shorts for the kids

My first tote bag and my daughters ballet Tutu tote.
20151001_163948 20151006_144746

Bag my mom claimed the first because of the colour and my mom in law has the second one.

20151014_153933  20151105_141954

I upcycled my sons cargo pants into a backpack…I need to lengthen the straps but he likes it.


I made us a large swim tote with a waterproof inner. Works great but maybe a zip would have been good too.


Upcycled Jeans bag


My mom’s christmas messenger bag with pockets I made for her present. Attempted my first zip too!

20151222_110650 20151222_110746

There are a few more things in between that I have mostly for kids and myself. I have learned lots and hope to link pattern sites soon.


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