One week in and things are getting busy…

We had a very successful first week of school.
Our mornings start quite early. The kids seem to wake sometime around 5-6am. What is with that???
We are normally eating breakfast around 7am and begin a bible study. After morning chores, the little ones have some time to play while I begin with E.  They all seem interested and eager. Will see how long that lasts.
Some days are longer than others but we are settling in. I was worried about Elijah and the distractions the siblings would give him but he seems to be coping really well.

Gabriel is very keen and begs me to give him more activities. It can be quite a challenge sometimes but overall we are working it out. Jessica loves her school. She is enjoying listening to her read aloud, The Box Car children. I have quite a few follow ups so I am glad I invested in those.



Preschool is alot of work. Planning, printing, laminating, cutting….not my favourite thing to do. It is worth it in the end though. Gabriel has themes each week and this week was Our Body. I made a preschool lapbook for him following mostly the ideas/printables from here.

IMG_20150119_193004    IMG_20150119_193018a

IMG_20150119_193018 IMG_20150119_193026 IMG_20150119_193033 IMG_20150119_193046 IMG_20150119_193114 IMG_20150119_193122

Gabriel loved the muscles and skeleton! The action songs and poems were a great it! It didn’t take too long to put together for him. I had all three kids participating and giving input so definitely worth the effort!


Blessings Everyone!

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