Elijah’s Book of Wonder

Day 2 in Science and we had a big project! We are busy going through Real Science-4-Kids Biology Level 1 and we had an activity to create a kingdom poster.
Now being me, I first googled and looked on the forums for others that had perhaps done something similar (to have a clue on what kind of information to put in! Bad Lazy Mommy…or maybe Genius?) But alas nothing was to be found. Wikipedia was absolutely no help and very technical. Was a real struggle to get an idea of how things were supposed to be.

Elijah chose the Animalia Kingdom (GASP)…oh wait, no surprise, I knew he would. Why study fungi or bacteria when his knowledge of the Animal kingdom is already so vast! I really hoped he would be willing to branch out but not even plants could be as fascinating as animals.

After much discussion, internet searches and planning (me drawing him diagrams too), we decided how he would tackle this. I was thinking it would take a couple of weeks to complete. Much to my surprise it only took a few torturous hours.
The first hiccup was that Elijah refused write the information. Yes he is that boy that hates to write anything! So we compromised and I dictated and he typed. After agonizing and wanting to break out the wine as the typing speed was super slow (I kept a smile on my face and encouraged all the way though), my computer decided to freeze!!!
We waited quite a while before I had to restart the machine. I didn’t want Elijah to know all his work (about 3/4 of his information) had disappeared so I quickly retyped it and had him finish the rest.
So we had technology today as Elijah learnt about changing fonts, colours etc…Slow but good skills if he remembers them.

Our information was gathered from Kidzone and am so glad they have a child friendly explanation/break down. They only had 6 of the Animal classes but it was good enough for me.

Here is the result:

One very very happy boy feeling extremely accomplished.

IMG_7504 IMG_7506scribed


Blessings to you all!!

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