2015 New Year and New Challenges!

Today we have started our new school year. It began with kids and I exercising along with FitnessBlender. After breakfast and Bible study the kids were allowed in the school and were greeted with giant tube ‘pencils’ on the desk with a written ‘Welcome back to school’ that had a chocolate bar inside with an ‘I love You’ message.


A big start for school with J begging for more but complaining of sore hands at the same time. It was as challenging as I expected with her arguing about doing things her way vs. my way.
I left her with the Math-U-See manipulatives and she had a fun time building a ‘farm house and animals’.

E had a good morning. He has become such a confident reader! I love listening and am truly blessed to have been along with him on this journey. E had only one complaint through the morning as he now has to do all his own writing and I am no longer doing any scribing at all. He is unsure whether science will be fun or not because of this reason 😀 We will see!!

G  just wanted his own worksheets/books/school. I will truly be glad to be done with preschool. There are so many rewards at the end of the day, it is always fun but it is lots of hard work to get it all planned and prepared.

IMG_7494 IMG_7499 IMG_7501

Curriculum Choices for 2015

Gabriel (4):
Little Footprints, Sonlight P3/4 repeated as the books are just too fun, Kumon books and lots of toys

Elijah (8):
Core:  Footprints in our land
Science:   Sonlight Science D
Bible:    Calvary Curriculum Topical Studies
Language Arts:    Sonlight LA3, IEW for writing and poetry, IXL, All about Spelling
Maths:    Math-U-See Gamma (South African version)
Art:   Artistic Pursuits (K-3)
Programming:    Code.org

Jessica (5):
Core: Sonlight A
Science:   Sonlight A
Language Arts:   Sonlight K
Maths:   Math-U-See Primer
Art:   Various Theme Crafts


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