The blessing of Home Educating and Family…

I have been criticized many times over the past few years about keeping the kids at home and the path we are following. It is not always easy. We have some really tough days. As the kids grow, often so do the challenges. But we have way more amazing and wonderful days than the difficult ones.
My biggest dislike of the preschool age is the effort it takes, as well as the mess it leaves. Many times I spend a couple of hours preparing and either they are not interested at all, or it takes them only a couple minutes to complete/hold their interest. A very big irritation is all the cutting I tend to do!

That being said, I have some of my greatest memories while schooling with the kids. What makes makes these times even more special is that for the most part, I have a family that supports this journey.

Sometimes these moments have no planning but are the most special!
Jessica decided this morning she wanted to read from her book Things People Do. She wanted to read about the doctor and the new babies. My mother, their ‘Nanny’, thankfully took over the reading. The next thing I know the kids had gotten hold of the doctor’s play set and were treating her for a whole range of illnesses.





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