2014 is here and a new school year begins

So it Begins! 2014 brings many new challenges into the school room. We now have all three children in the schoolroom.

I would have loved to keep Gabriel just on books and play for another year but he keeps begging for “my school, I turn”. So between Jessica and Gabriel – we have circle time and stories, crafts and using learning toys. We are using Sonlight’s P3/4 as a Base for Gabriel and filling in with many arts and crafts, as well as following the basic structure of Totschool from Carisa @ 1+1+1=1.
Jessica’s core curriculum is the P4/5 from Sonlight. I have replaced the Developing the Early learner with Bridging with Smile. Using Get Set for School from Handwriting without Tears and using Singapore’s Earlybird pre-school Maths.

Elijah. He did so well last year. I am super proud of my big boy! This year we are busy with Sonlight’s Core C with grade 2 readers. Their science is really wonderful to use! I took the worksheets and got them ring-binded. I hated having sheets all over the place last year.
Maths: Math U See Beta. I promised myself and Elijah he would have more free exploration time with the manipulatives. Language arts. Although I am using Sonlight’s readers and following their schedule for Explode the code and WordlyWise, I am using All About Spelling (still using level 1 from last year, but have Level 2 waiting). We are still using the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s Primary Arts of Language-Writing (PAL). We start Level III this year, and will be stretching it out over the year.

Everything in it’s place!

IMG_6323IMG_6328 IMG_6330

We have Moon Dough and a Goodnight Moon sensory box!

IMG_6326 IMG_6324

A New Day!

We started off with flapjacks and bananas for Breakfast!


The Class of 2014

IMG_6350 IMG_6354 IMG_6347

Our first day was really crazy, but had loads of fun. Everyone was in a good mood.

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  1. Riette says:

    I’m so jealous, please forgive me!!
    We had such a struggle to get going today. We had to sit in Isabel’s room because the desk in the lounge wasn’t accessible, so we had quite a time on the bed. She tried to write her letters & math but it wasn’t comfortable at all. I was also feeling slight OVERwhelmed with what lies ahead for us. I realised we had completely finished up to week 13 (some history still coming we did with the Romans) so the bulk is still lying ahead. The science I think is further along. Now I’m considering just finishing Core B this year. Oh and then I’m looking for LA in the file, and I remember it was in a DIFFERENT file. Oh man!! She had read along some of the readers (Nat is fat rat…) but we didn’t do the worksheets. But then I see the worksheets use different fonts than she is used to from “Explode the Code” so I scrapped that. I think we’ll stick to reading the I can Read books and her doing the Explode the Code. I will start doing some copy work from scripture if I can find a font with a ROUND “a” and an I (like this one). It’s not easy for me 🙁

    Sorry just me unpacking a bit. And it’s only day 1!

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