The School year that was…2012

As I look back on 2012, I am amazed in the growth through the school year.
Elijah has done so well.  Here is what we did…

Our main core curriculum was Sonlight Core A (2011 edition-since updated).
Did we like it? Yes!
I wish there was more craft type activities scheduled along with the History section, but the couple of things we did were great. The CoreTips CD that comes when you purchase a core was a bit of  disappointment. Links being out of date really irritated me. The ideas started off well for the read-alouds but then tapered off to almost nothing.
The Read-Alouds themselves were great. Elijah enjoyed many of them, although there was a few that we slogged through. A great blessing is Audio-books and our mp3 player.

Sonlight LA K with Readers K:
Did we like it? So-so.
I felt many times that there was not enough guidance. Elijah enjoyed the readers but I didn’t.
In LA I felt so unprepared a lot. But apparently the 2012 has improved.

Science A from Sonlight:
Did we like it? Yes, Yes, Yes
The books/topics were so much fun. This was Elijah’s favourite subject hands down. The experiments were fun and even the little ones were interested in some of them.

We used MathUSee Primer for Math.
Did we like it? Yes
We did hit a few roadblocks. Some topics taking a bit more time than others…but worked really well. I loved the blocks

Overall we had a great year. Here are the photos from his Portfolio/Memory book.

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2 Responses to The School year that was…2012

  1. Sarah says:

    You are way more creative than I am. You might have to post photos as you go to inspire those of us who aren’t so creative. 🙂

  2. Riette says:

    WOW I am SO impressed with the portfolio. I definitely have to get my behind in gear this year. I’m generally really bad at this kind of record keeping. I still haven’t even put all our wedding photos in an album so you must know….

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