Introducing Donette (Me!)

Hi I am Donette, married to William  for 11 wonderful years. Mother to Elijah (5), Jessica (2) and Gabriel (1). We live in the Vaal Triangle. We have been homeschooling mainly preschool and now Grade 0.

I could state many reasons for Homeschooling but I think I just KNEW this was what we were going to do – as early as when  I was pregnant with our first son. I get lots of opposition for our decision but am Glad I know God wants me to do this. I love the freedom it gives as well as the sense of completeness that I get as a mom to witness all the precious moments I would possibly/probably be missing out on.

My Five Favourites:

1.  I love to see the Lord working through my Children. My Son aged 5 loves sharing his favourite things about God and how much Jesus means to him!
2.  There is not greater sound than that of my children’s laughter. Those first Giggles and later the full on belly laughs.
3.  I love the smell of a Spring!
4.  I am a food lover – especially sweet things. Chocolate is probably my number one rated food of all time 😀
5. I love cuddles from the kids more than anything!










This year I am determined to focus on the Lord’s will for me. I am determined to share God’s love and plan for my Children with them.  I want to settle properly into our homeschooling year and then I am determined to focus on the house and clear all “collecting” corners around the house.


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5 Responses to Introducing Donette (Me!)

  1. I can’t wait to see what the year holds for you!!

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  3. Taryn says:

    Lovely getting to know you better Donette. I so understand the need to get things sorted in the home! Hard to be on top of it all, but then again, that’s okay. It leaves lots of room for recognising God’s grace!

  4. Nice to get to know you better, Donette. I can’t wait to meet you in person next time we come to Vanderbijlpark.

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