Our developing school room for 2012

So this year I am quite excited as I have managed to purge the schoolroom from all other Non-School items like bicycles, baby items/unnecessary  clutter…there is a still a bit of clutter but i can handle the school clutter much better than the non-school…

The reading corner. I bought the beanbag for a great bargain around Christmas time.

Storage boxes half in use and current school table. I was offered the use 2 of those Antique type school desks so  they need to be fitted in later this week

Our school storage area – looks quite messy and unfortunately my Husband didn’t get to making the cupboards we intended to make this time of the year. It is all our stationery/craft supplies, puzzles, manipulatives, other games and equipment.

There might still be some rearranging – especially if i get the desks this week.
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4 Responses to Our developing school room for 2012

  1. Mick says:

    It’s looking good. 🙂

  2. Taryn says:

    Fun fun fun! Your room looks like a blast of fun. I hope you enjoy this year with the kids!

  3. I just love your reading corner. I have a single bed sponge matress that I folded double and stuffed inside a duvet cover, and that also works like a charm. But I don’t have those beautiful wall mural…

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