Our Curriculum choices for 2012

School is three weeks away. We have been having quite a enjoyable summer but I suppose all good things come to an end.


  • We are using Sonlight’s Core A/K as well as their Language Arts K, Science A and Electives for K.  Included is the Bible package, History and Readers K package.
  • Handwriting: We are using Handwriting without Tears K, also available through Sonlight.
  • Math: Currently using Math-u-See Primer (South African Edition)
  • I have also included Explode the Code books. Elijah is quite phoneticly sound but I would rather we cover the basics – even if we rush through them.
  • I am considering Handle on the Arts for K as another supplement – will look into the program at the End of the month. I first want to see how involved we will be.

    My Goal for this year is to encourage a love to learn. A thirst for Knowledge. Elijah has some Patience issues that needs dealing with.
    His faith in God is great but I want to stir those fires through the use of God’s word and the work of the Holy Spirit.
    By the end of this year I am hoping his reading will be quite ahead and we will be able to see a vast improvement in willingness to complete a task.


  • I will be slowly starting to include the Sonlight P3/4 package for her. There are quite a few books I think would be a good fit for her and I am sure we will repeat them quite a bit.
  • I will be using Totschool Printables and themes from 1+1+1=1. The themes are slightly different from what I would have done but I just don’t see me having the time to put Theme work together for Jessica.
  • Lots of reading and tons of Arts + Crafts.

    The Goal for this year will be to introduce Jessica to a variety of mediums to express herself. I want to get her to use a scissors. I want to increase her vocabulary base. I want her to know her 6 basic colours, as well as 2-6 shapes.
    I want to stir up a Godly passion in her heart, I want her to begin to have a relationship with Christ.

There are some Challenges ahead. With three children under the age of 6, timing will be essential.
We are far too busy lately with Social, swimming lessons, occupational therapy and just plain life. I really hope we can settle into a nice routine that will work for all of us. There is also the issue of having to “Unschool’ myself – so many questions and false paths keep cropping up that it is difficult to stay focus on the main thing – God’s way.





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