My heart is bursting with Joy!

One reason I love to Homeschool – I don’t get to miss a moment in my Children’s journey of learning. Elijah came to me a week ago and told me he wanted to write a letter to his cousins and I needed to help him with the words.The words were heart breaking to my family overseas but it shows his feelings so much. “The words “I love you, Elijah” and”Sorry I lost you Aiden Kiara Erin”

We then started a letter to Santa. Mommy did write “Can I please have a” as well as the “cars 2” part of Cars 2 DVD.
My son is writing! When asked what Robots he wants he says “Bumblebee and Optimus Prime and maybe Jazz”

Elijah’s drawing is also coming along so well!
The upcoming homeschool year is looking all the more fascinating and exciting to me. WOO HOO! Let the journey continue!


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  1. Celiah Ann says:

    This is so sweet! What a wonderful privilege we have to take this journey with our children!

  2. What a sweet letter!! Yay for writing!

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