CHRISTmas Celebrations: Jesse Tree Swop 2011

For the last two years we have been doing a Jesse Tree with our Christmas celebrations. We have five mom’s taking part is the Swop this year. Each mom makes 5 of each ornament for 5 stories.

I decided to follow a more Modern use of the Jesse tree which is one “decorated with symbols to represent stories leading up to the Christmas story,for the benefit of children” – Wikipedia. The more tradional version is one which strictly follows the Lineage of Christ.

Creativity is not Important – my kids loved being involved!

The Bible Stories chosen this year are chosen to suit the age group of our children

  1. Story of Creation
  2. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
  3. Noah and the ark
  4. Noah and The Rainbow
  5.  God’s promise to Sarah
  6. Isaac
  7. Jacob’s ladder
  8. Joseph and the coat
  9. Joseph saves his family
  10. Moses Birth +
  11. 10 Commandments
  12. Rahab
  13. Walls of Jericho
  14. Samuel
  15. David and Goliath
  16. Elijah
  17. Elisha and the widow
  18. Jonah
  19. Daniel in lions den
  20. The blazing furnace
  21. Esther
  22. John the Baptist
  23. Joseph and Mary
  24. The Wise men
  25. Jesus!

The last few years I used a few different stories from this year. Pictures of previous years ornaments:


God Bless


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  1. Taryn says:

    Lovely!!! I think that if I’m organized enough I may just add the Jesse tree idea to our Christmas activities. I’ve always loved it since first reading about it 6 years ago, but we have do many Christ focused activities happening here that it would’ve been overkill. But as the kids get older, some of the little kid focused activities will drop by the wayside and we can incorporate new ones – your decorations look amazing!

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