SACHS Blogs #7 – Craft ideas/Experiences

There is very little I do not enjoy about crafts. Well except maybe the clean up!

As a mom of smaller kids – I love watching the process and total enjoyment when we tackle a project. Open Ended Art is one of the most fun ways for me because no two creations will ever be the same. I generally give very little direction and just let the kids enjoy putting creations together. Open art takes place at least once a week. I just set out craft materials and let them have at it. With Jessica (2) there is still some direction involved – I generally ask her questions (“Do you want to paint another colour? Do you want to add some stickers?) rather than ask her to paste/paint etc.

Watching Elijah experience all kinds of different crafting materials has been so enjoyable. For the last three years this child has enjoyed learning to get his hands messy. Crafts in this house are not always just random. We generally include a craft at least twice or three times a week that ties up with a lesson in school. Using sand, bird feed, paint – anything that could be useful and many times Elijah will bring along something he finds interesting (feathers, leaves, newspaper).

Household items or using left over items such as eggshells, are always hit too!

The only other possible thing I enjoy, other than doing something crafty with my children, is finding great ideas for doing crafts from other great bloggers!

Trudie over at Fun with Mouse shares some really great ideas. Yummy waffle painting, creating a collage box for her little girl (I definitely want to add this one to our list soon) and creatively using feathers to paint

Nadene from Practical pages shares some great  ideas on recycled toys and games. I can see my son definitely enjoying the skittles game she shared as well as the games she created using simple tools like 2lt milk bottles, string and newspaper!
Nadene also shares some ideas on making Felt food with your children. A definite winner for a gift or even just a great toy for your child.

Taryn from Hayes Happenings shares some purposeful crafts (I am adding the library bag to my list to create for Christmas gits for my kids), The Tongue craft is a MUST and I know my kids are going to enjoy that one.  Her description and the little video of her Lunch Bunch has ideas running through my head and a heart that wants to move the the Cape!
I need to add that the wisdom she shares regarding crafts and often the guilt that comes along with these type of things in our lives is something most people will be able to relate to in some form!

Linnie from Back to Ancient Ways shares lots of great Farm Animals crafts that were created to go with their Lapbook. There are so many great ideas here that I will be using for my kids when we do the Farm in a few weeks. From Finger puppets to fun with food!

Thanks for All contributors to this post.



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  2. Taryn says:

    Brilliant!! Love these ideas! So many great things to add tO my plan of crafting with my little ones! Love the egg shell idea especially! How do you store and display their creations? I need some tips on this one! Thanks so much for hosting the carnival this week 🙂

  3. Nadene says:

    Thanks for hosting this lovely carnival! Seeing happy and focused young faces as they create and make crafty things is always so precious!

  4. Trudie says:

    Thank you for hosting my friend! Some fun new ideas!

  5. Karen says:

    A great carnival and some lovely ideas for me to put into practice!

  6. Elize vd Merwe says:

    Thank you for hosting.
    I am glad I am not the only one who hates the mess afterwards, although my boys are becoming pretty adapt at keeping things kind of clean – some of the time! My oldest, Adam (almost 5) hates getting his hands dirty, so I always have a damp cloth on hand. Rocco (2.5) on the other hand has no reservations about getting dirty!

    I would also like to know how you store and display all the crafts?

  7. Bob the Builder says:


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