The Prophecy Answer Book by David Jeremiah


This book is the Author’s explanation of his views and beliefs regarding the interpretation of theĀ  End time biblical prophecy. The Author touches current day events and his view of how they link up to biblical prophecy. He also covers the rapture, tribulation, the Anti-Christ, the second coming, the Millennium as well as the New heaven and the New earth.

There are two books in the bible I completely try to avoid; Daniel and Revelations. But this book has really inspired me to open the pages of my bible and read the chapters with possibly a bit more understanding.
I really like how the book is set out. He covers all kinds of questions I have had regarding the End times. The short Questions and Answers really make for easy reading of a very difficult subject.

I can’t say that I completely believe all the ties he makes between Biblical prophecy and current day events, but the End time explanations are much closer to my beliefs.
There is one part of the conclusion I really liked. The Author quotes various scripture to confirm exactly what we are supposed to be doing. We are NOT supposed to be so focused on what tomorrow will bring but rather what we today holds and to spread the Gospel.

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson Publishers as part of their book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

God Bless

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