Preschool June 2011

I just realised how long ago I posted a preschool post.

We are still using Horizons Preschool program. While looking around at our K curriculum for next year (My obvious choice is Sonlight K with MUS Primer for Math) I started looking at samples for math and writing and realised our Preschool curriculum is actually a bit more advanced as we are already doing so many of what is taught next year!

The only struggle I have with this program is that Elijah is not really ready for ALL the writing that they require from him so I adjust so much of our worksheet requirements. He writes very well to me and I am thankful for the Jolly phonics program we have used in the past to gently introduce phonics.

What we have been up to:

Playing with Light: reflections, shadows (Sundial) and some fun with flashlights

Creating Numbers for Days of Creation:

Living things collage

Some fun with straws and paint

Exploring a small rock collection to marvel at the wonderful world God created.



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  2. Trudie says:

    Love the sunglasses in that one pic! I also love the use of the big foam numbers as stencils! What a wonderful idea!!!

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