You know the feeling you get when there is an area in the house which keeps drowning under clutter and then everything just explodes? No I am thankfully not talking about my fridge, I am talking about the school room! Besides getting a bit untidy (my own fault), Elijah’s birthday came and everything that didn’t have a place/out of place got hidden in the school room due to lack of time.

After the party I knew school would never get back on track if the school continued on it’s current path. I rearranged some things – hence a bigger mess in the beginning!

I moved the bookshelf on top of the table to get more usable space and open the window section which was previously blocked.

After a bit of sorting we had some very friendly space. The only things we are missing is the reading corner – which I am planning but will take some time as I need to organise/make bicycle bags for our bikes.

Hopefully it stays this way but I have my doubts (GRIN)


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