A family update

In the last few months life has been difficult. I won’t sugar coat it. It has been hard! I have been suffering with Post-Natal Depression and My husband, who was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease about 9-10 years ago had a relapse.
I believed he was completely healed.  It was a attack on our family as well as the path we were choosing to follow in the Lord. He spent 9 days in hospital, most of that in pain so bad- I have never witnessed/been apart of anything so difficult in my life. About 2/3 months of struggling along and fighting a battle that only the Heavens know about.
Spiritually it is always a blow, but thankfully the Lord has sent His Holy Spirit to minister to us.

Medication started working to control the issues and when we seemed to be at the end of the recovery road, he got The Flu. As he is on immune suppressants, healing is very long and seems drawn out to me. While he was getting better, the kids all developed Upper respiratory infections – all at the same time. They are mostly recovered and I pray they don’t pick up any more bugs! I can only thank God that I didn’t get sick. Hopefully all this is behind us now!

Basically all my intentions for school have been a bit side swiped. School is back on track. Elijah’s official school time only lasts about 40-60 minutes – that is listening to the Bible, memory verse, worksheets and crafts. Jessica doesn’t get much in the way of Totschool at all, I plan to organise something a bit more formal from her birthday in a few weeks.

While during these difficult weeks we were blessed by a wonderful lady from our church. I got a call to tell me she would be dropping off a meal on the wednesday. She dropped off a Few and some treats too! A real blessing when trying to juggle everything going on!

Blessings to you and your family


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