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When I was contacted to review Clever Kids Club I got super excited! I love all kinds of clubs and special activities for my Kids.I have a almost 23month old and a 5 year old.

Clever Kids Club is an educational website that provides daily activities for 2 Р6 year olds.  You join for 3 months in advance (currently R75) and receive 1 pack per week that includes 5 activities, a flashcard as well as a game or a colouring in page.

It took me all of about 10 minutes to prepare the week’s activities in advance. The colouring pages are really interesting to my kids. They loved animals. The one week we reviewed had a How-to draw a simple pet picture. My son loved it to bits – I wanted to scan in his art work but alas he decided the animal needed a blanket and scribbled over it with black – His imagination is starting to surprise me daily.

I loved the flash cards – the flash cards do not always fit in with the weeks activity but they cover the alphabet, numbers 1-20 as well as colours. The flashcards have lovely pictures that are very sensible to me. I say sensible because the ones I reviewed had phonetic order. Phonetics is something I stress on quite a bit.

The few activities we did were lots of fun. They introduced some great ways for introducing/explaining prepositions. It was definitely interesting for the kids as well as myself. At no time was it boring for any of us.
Jessica was maybe a bit confused with some of the activities but it should never be about the end result  but rather the process! The whole time it was about fun!

In just the three weeks we reviewed, the topics they introduced were very interesting to my children (quite different from what we have done before – not a case of same-old, same-old). It gave us many ideas to speak of and lead to many questions a few of the days.

The best activity ideas was always the playdough as well as the baking. The playdough recipe is a very easy one to follow with the end result for hours of fun.

As a whole I think the ideas and effort put in the package (for just over R1 a day) is worth the money. Many times we want to do something with our children but never have the energy to think something up and sometimes it is just great to be ‘guided’ – feels like a holiday!

I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

God Bless


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  1. Trudie says:

    Thank you my friend for this wonderful review! Tons of blessings to you! E looks so cute in his little chef’s hat!

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