Some drawings Elijah did

Now maybe you have been blessed with a child that is just super at drawing and colouring in. I have to always beg Elijah to do anything!

A few weeks ago a friend was visiting and her daughter was drawing all kinds of pictures with very imaginative descriptions of what she drew…Elijah shocked me enough by joining in and bringing me a picture of a ‘Hammerhead shark’

I was very impressed as all moms would understand!

But then on the Sunday I was more surprised when he joined in at Sunday School. Usually he refuses.He came back with a drawing of ‘roary the racing car’ as well as his first attempt at EVER writing his name!!! I wanted to fall on the floor when I realised what he had actually drawn and written!

Now I am sure you are thinking that just maybe this was the end of the surprises. It was NOT!
We have been encouraging Elijah to learn to type his name out on the computer – with all the different games he plays etc…As well as using Jolly phonics for learning phonics and he has been attempting to write the letters but that was not something I encouraged at all, feeling it was too early to begin to write.

At the church cr̬che Рthey were given pictures to take home to colour in (as I am sure all they did was play on the jungle gym). He brought his picture to me on the monday Рall coloured in and again his name Рbut this time much clearer to read! I am so very proud!

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2 Responses to Some drawings Elijah did

  1. karen says:

    Wow! You must be so proud!!!

  2. Trudie says:

    You can be one proud mama! He did a great job!

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