Preschool will be finishing up for our grade 000 year. We are awaiting the arrival of our new addition to the family and while I would love the have the energy to run around with the kids – our schooling is mainly consisting of reading and similar activities.

For this week’s post I wanted to share an activity which I thought worked very well! Thank you Fun with Mama for sharing this Rice Crispie treats activity.
We made these delicious marshmallow treats in the morning and now my son asks almost every morning for some ‘CRAZY BREAKFAST’!  I am sure we will be repeating this activity in the very near future. They did not last for very long – all eaten quite quickly in this house.

Measuring ingredients:

6 Cups Rice crispies
A large bag of Marshmallows
3 Tbs Butter

Stopping for some marshmallows – I am sure he is just following the kitchen greats and taste testing as he goes along!

One of the very few times he is even allowed near the stop-top…only after Mommy giving about 20 safety rules!

I only realised later that I never took a photo of the final product! A delicious treat for any day of the week!

God Bless

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