Preschool 2011

Should I maybe be welcoming myself back to blogging about preschool?Life has been busy but although no posts were about – Preschool did take place!

Elijah is definitely growing up. Becoming more confident in his capabilities and showing interest in so many new things!

Some of the activities we have been taking up:

Our Melissa+Doug Teddy board. I really love this product for the most part. Elijah loves this board too.

Enjoying a Macaroni paste and paint craft.

Painting with watercolours. I was really impressed with his painting. Using dark to light colours. I had no input with the craft, I was busy on the phone and he had already finished painting. He went on to paint some other paper afterwards.

These Melissa+Doug stacking blocks are really wonderful. This was not meant for a Preschool activity but rather Totschool, but apparently it needed to be demonstrated first.
What I really enjoyed was that he was building them according the colour sides rather than randomly. So they were useful!

The Jolly phonics worksheet for the letter V. He has been really showing hatred for colouring in. I got a revelation in the beginning of the year that perhaps it was the crayons. We were using the Twistable wax crayons – which he initially enjoyed, but after changing him to some Thick crayons his effort and enthusiasm increased quite a bit! After he had done the picture and writing part of the worksheet, he tried holding a bunch together to make some interesting patterns

His chosen sticker book of the week. So surprise that it was the dinosaurs. The Priddy range of sticker books are really great. The stickers are very easy to pull off, but the pages are challenging enough that they keep him interested for quite a bit. At the back are some colouring pages he also enjoys.

The Kumon range of My book of…is still a great hit. I would really encourage this to be added to any homeschool. It is worth the cost. At the end of each book is a certificate of achievement for the child which is another wonderful idea! Here Elijah is busy with the Kumon Cutting as well as a Sticker + paste book.

Another idea that I have been wanting to incorporate is the colour by numbers. I wanted simple pictures that were easy to introduce the concept. Making learning Fun has wonderful resources and as always I could find exactly what I was looking for!

Stop by Preschool corner and meet some other great moms out there.

God Bless

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  1. What a great week! I need to try Sammy on some other crayons too. He hates to color!

  2. Linnie says:

    Dear Donette
    Since you are suppose to be quiet and resting, I want to ask you to play along with ‘Free to Ask’ on my blog. All the instructions are on my latest posting. You just leave the questions in my comment box.
    Looking forward to hear from you!
    Lots of love

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