This post is actually a week late. Preschool was interrupted this week due to having a sick week. Elijah is much better so I am sure by the end of next week there will be lots of photos to share (if Mommy remembers)

We are still continuing with our Shape of the day. There are certain favourites and the circle is one of them. Could be that it is the easiest shape to recognise?

Shape matching is always a favourite in this house! (from our Bridging with Smile workbook)

Our song for the week was Kookaburra, so Elijah made a bird (flat round thing) with some eggs in a nest

Our Kumon cutting book had this sandwich to cut up…No sandwich should be left alone so we added a paper plate. I had intended for Elijah to draw a cooldrink but we had a visitor stop by.

Our Jolly Phonics worksheet. Elijah is getting very good at colouring a big picture and trying to stay in the lines, but alas he prefers only one colour. I want to introduce him to Colour by number and see if that will get him to colour the different parts of the picture

Building a 48pc puzzle…Seem to really struggling keeping him on track with this one. He is capable but interest has been waning in puzzle building.

Our memory verse and some extra cutting practice. I also introduced the stapler as he has been really interested in learning what it does.

Our science book currently is Usborne’s Whats under the sea. This week we were learning about volcanoes so I added some fun too. (We did run out of Ingredients! So be prepared for extra’s if you do this.)

Movie fun day. Toy Story 3 came out on DVD. Elijah had already watched this movie at the Big screen with his Oupa and Daddy, but Mommy missed it. We made popcorn, printed out tickets. Was lots of fun!

After sorting out the School cupboard, Elijah started grabbing all the boxes he could. He spent the afternoon loving all the “older” puzzles and games I don’t seem to often bring out.

Hope you had a stunning week. Your children be blessed by the Love you pour out in spending time together.

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God Bless

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  1. Bob the Builder says:

    Your son is truly gifted

  2. What a fun week! Glad he is feeling better! I love that you made tickets and turned a movie at home into something fun!

  3. Rhonda says:

    Glad to hear that Elijah is feeling better and the volcano is just so neat.

  4. Angela says:

    I like Elijah’s Kookaburra nest! Glad to hear that he’s feeling better.

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