Muffin Tin Monday Swop

I haven’t made a MTM in ages because it always seems Mondays are a disaster of a day with the kids…always rushing.
I hope to change that very soon!

I did manage to take part in the MTM swop with my good friend Trudie over at Fun with Little Mouse

Here is what we got!

Very pretty muffin cup and some others in different sizes! I can see us having such fun with these! Cookie cutters, Sprinkles and Mini astro’s and these tiny little tupperware too – perfect for little kids!

Thank you so much Trudie! You are an angel! It is truly wonderful having you as a friend! Trudie also added some wonderful Info Bands to attach to the kids when we are out and about – I have been wanting to get them for ages now! You can order them from her shop Jolly Mommy Online Shop

Have a look at other wonderful swops!

God Bless

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4 Responses to Muffin Tin Monday Swop

  1. oo how fun!! Lots of fun new things to spice up the MTM!

  2. Vindiciti says:

    Very neat little shapes! Little secret: MTM doesn’t have to be done on Monday! I do mine on different days, and post on Monday when I used to post (like, all 2 times). It’s about the fun! ;D

  3. Donette Bell says:

    Will definitely be doing it on other days and posting on mondays! Why i didn’t from the start I dont know!

  4. Trudie says:

    It was so much fun shopping for you! Thank you once again for that absolutely stunning tin, I love it!

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