Catching up

Life’s been busy…Excuses, excuses…that’s what I am thinking as I type this post.

School’s been out. It wasn’t really planned and although we have been doing a few things, nothing has really stood out enough to blog about. My sister immigrating, getting her old car – my new car, getting all paperwork sorted for the sale of the old car, trying to get healthy again (some days I feel worse than ever), trying to keep up with the kids. The freezing cold hinders any and all idea’s that come to mind, our school room is an ice block that needs a good sorting out, bed is the only place I want to be and it seems it is the last place I get to go.

There are so many thing I want to do and get started but no enthusiasm to do it! I am sure I will get over my funk soon…

We went to a wonderful wedding yesterday in the freezing cold. I was glad to leave the kids behind with my mom, brother and his girlfriend. It certainly helped knowing they were “warm-er” than we were. On the way home we measured -7 in the car!

After lunch I decided instead of putting the underfloor heating on I would take them outside where it is about 12 degrees Celsius. The sun made it all seem warmer. The gardener is here today and Jessica found the only muddy spot in the garden to play in…sprinkler and all….so mad rush to the bath with her being very upset at being disturbed from her fun!
Thankfully she is napping and Elijah is having juice and a snack. Some mommy time…

Hope everyone is well..
God Bless

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