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One of the staples in our school room is FischerTips. Elijah has always enjoyed cutting and just messing around. I got alot of flowers that he made. I bought a new box which included the brick makers so Elijah was … Continue reading

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Totschool Summary of the Year so far

To be honest, if I let myself  I could *almost* feel a complete failure right now in this area. While Elijah is busy in Grade 0, Jessica does what she wants, because that is just who she is, I think. … Continue reading

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2012 SACHS Blog Carnival – Fun Ideas for Creative Learning

Each age has different aspects for creative learning. Since my kids are all under 6 it is easier to get things together. One of the best activities we do – which we followed a blog for years ago but it … Continue reading

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Some drawings Elijah did

Now maybe you have been blessed with a child that is just super at drawing and colouring in. I have to always beg Elijah to do anything! A few weeks ago a friend was visiting and her daughter was drawing … Continue reading

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Swimming 2010

Just some photos from the end of 2010 swimming lessons. God Bless

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Our sensory box

This week we made rainbow rice. There are a few methods out there in the WWW, but I chose to use the one found on Fundamentals It dried out really quickly. Was very quick and not all that messy to … Continue reading

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Jesse Tree swap 2010 – who wants to join in?

There is not really a set way to do a Jesse tree but generally it is one “decorated with symbols to represent stories leading up to the Christmas story, for the benefit of children” – Wikipedia. The more tradional version … Continue reading

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The music box

My very Tiny Tot – 8 months is a mover…started leopard crawling at 5 months, crawled properly at 6 months and standing a 7months. She walk along furniture already – slowly though. Yesterday i took out the music box…a bucket … Continue reading

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Very early on Elijah knew some shapes: Circle, square, triangle, start, heart, diamond…The easy ones I think. Yesterday I am standing in the shops and wating for the assistant to get me something from the stores…Elijah points to a huge … Continue reading

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Open Ended Art

Egg shells…I thought to myself what on earth am I going to be able to do with egg shells! So i put some in a bowl and then when we were going to use them I realised that my domestic … Continue reading

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