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The blessing of Home Educating and Family…

I have been criticized many times over the past few years about keeping the kids at home and the path we are following. It is not always easy. We have some really tough days. As the kids grow, often so do the challenges. But we have way more amazing and wonderful days than the difficult [...]

Catch up time :)

I cannot believe that is has been so long since I updated the blog.

So let’s get caught up…School: Elijah has been a dream to school this year (once we got our curriculum issues sorted out). He loves Bible, History and Science. His reading has come on so well, we have started Dr. Seuss books [...]


Jessica is 3yrs old (39 months)

There has been no real update to TotSchool in a while because I took a break trying any kind of structured learning with Jessica for quite a while. She was not interested and I was scared of making her frustrated with ME as well as learning. [...]


One of the staples in our school room is FischerTips. Elijah has always enjoyed cutting and just messing around. I got alot of flowers that he made. I bought a new box which included the brick makers so Elijah was excited about trying something also included 6000 Tips. Hopefully going to last a long [...]

Totschool Summary of the Year so far

To be honest, if I let myself I could *almost* feel a complete failure right now in this area.

While Elijah is busy in Grade 0, Jessica does what she wants, because that is just who she is, I think. My Miss Independent has no use for me unless she can’t reach it/open it/needs specific [...]


I have not yet got started on structured playtime but it is on the To-do list.

Totschool happens when and if I get time. Many times I am ready but Jessica is too tired and overwhelmed from a busy day.

What often happens is that I am busy with a craft activity with Elijah and [...]

Totschool…the last month (or more)

Jessica is almost 23 months old

Putting some pompoms into cans and then taking them out again

I gave Jessica the Geostacker from Smile (I think that is what this is called). She decided to climb in a crate and push them through the holes as well as [...]


Jessica is 18 months old!

I have just realised that this is the first Totschool post in almost 2 months and the first for 2011! Although posts have not been going up, Totschool has been going one!

Jessica loves to try to copy most everything her Brother does! I am [...]


Jessica is 16 months old

These Melissa and Doug stacking blocks are really great. Jessica really loves the colours. Definite winner for the school room!

Eating playdough…this is one of the main reasons I only use cooked playdough.

Pudding painting…well the paper got immediately discarded so really want to re-do this activity. [...]

Tot School

Jessica is 16 months old

I am always amazed at the development at this age. I love that Jessica has the benefit of an older sibling. She is exposed to so much more. She is a very happy child, content for the most part with everything around her. I smile at the personality that [...]