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(Last updated 2009-08-15)

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Welcome to my Homepage

What a road I am travelling these days. Over the last few months I have had so many challenges that are new and some not so new.

Our daughter was born on the 7/7/2009 and it was a truly wonderful experience but that in itself brought so many new challenges and changes and some I would rather have done without. The biggest challange came from Elijah coping with the new addition while learning to be a big boy. He struggled for a few weeks when he realised Mom is not always available and problems occured when he decided he forgot he was potty trained and then could just not help himself to the toilet anymore. He is getting better each day and I know one day soon we will have our happy little boy back again. At the moment I wonder if the terrible two's were incorrectly named and should rather have referred to the three's. Some days things are just so difficult for him to understand or rather he chooses not to understand anymore.

Jessica is totally differenct from her brother in that she is a quieter and more relaxed baby. As she reaches 6 weeks she has begun struggling with winds but it is not that bad to deal with. She is a blessing and Elijah loves her already. I think Elijah just wishes she could already respond to him, but she has started smiling and I think it will just get better for all of us.

I am still walking a road to find a deeper relationship with God. The journey so far has led me to a greater acceptance of myself and who I am in Christ and What kind of person I want to be. I have also been able to accept the road I have travelled to get where I am today. It is a challenge everyday to be a Good Mom when I want to put pressure on myself to be the Great Mom with no mistakes, but I wouldn't miss a minute.

I am stil interested in the Education of my own children. I don't trust in the school system at all, and I believe my children will learn so much more from me, from God and I trust that God will make sure we have the correct tools available. I am also looking forward to learning again myself...learning through my children. Am currently using HandsOnHomeschooling for Elijah along with Sonlight P3/4.

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I can be contacted at donettebell@frog.za.net